Sport is an enabler that brings a nation together and bridges gaps across various socio economic communities. Martial arts, among all sports, have been a great motivator to enhance the spirit of learning and leadership especially amongst children.

Women Empowerment and Child Care Foundation focuses on using martial arts as a medium to encourage learning and breed leadership among school children. This initiative is a medium to enhance community partnership and promote martial arts in schools. Martial arts is a very popular and effective form of self-defence, especially when learnt at a young age. However, kids are not exposed to martial arts because of financial constraints or lack of awareness. Our organization is trying to change this by providing free classes in taekwondo, a martial art form, to underprivileged children from BMC schools in Mumbai.

Our endeavor is to use sports as an opportunity for social change and a tool to improve the lives of individuals and communities at large.

Our purpose is to help students particularly from the lower income groups to apply the analytical and problem-solving skills learnt through martial arts in everyday situations. Martial arts of any form empower individuals to deal with challenges of life positively and confidently.

Some more health benefits of martial arts

• Improved muscle tone and appearance.
• Increased strength and stamina.
• Improved confidence and self-esteem.
• Improved flexibility.
• Improved agility and reflexes.
• Improved concentration and focus.
• Improved leadership skills.
• Greater self-discipline.

Currently we are imparting taekwondo lessons to around 35 boys and 20 girls at Ramabai Municipal Urdu School, Ramabai Nagar, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai. Children are trained in combat; breathe control, concentration, and balancing techniques. Our trained students have won 4 gold and 1 bronze medals at the 4th National Taekwondo Championships held at Pune in 2019. We aim to help more such students to win medals at the state and national levels and compete in the international arena.